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Maria-Victoria Mateos | ESH MM 2018 | Recent results of clinical trials in SMM

4th International Conference on Multiple Myeloma, European School of Haematology, 5–7 October, Mandelieu, France

At ESH 2018, Professor Maria-Victoria Mateos spoke to the MM Hub about clinical trial results in smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM). Professor Mateos explained most of these trials are focused on the high-risk subgroup who are symptomatic, who have a risk of progression of 50% at 2-years. The first trial in this setting was almost 9 years ago (as of 2018). It was a phase III trial investigating lenalidomide and dexamethasone versus no treatment in 120 patients with high-risk SMM. Treatment with len+dex was effective in delaying progression and also gave an OS benefit with low toxicity. When this video was recorded, there were 55 trials ongoing in this population, some with an objective to delay progression and others with an aim of curing.

Recent results of clinical trials in SMM